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How Irish Hangover Cure Works

By January 22, 2020Hangover Facts
Best Cure for Hangover Anxiety

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Here is a look at some popular types of Irish hangover cures, as well as how the Irish hangover cure works.

Irish Hangover Cure

Ireland possesses its own traditional remedies for hangovers, which are considered useful by many people. The following are some of those popular Irish hangover cures that may help to ease your suffering.

Raw Eggs

Taking two raw eggs at breakfast time and another two at lunchtime is sworn to be effective by some hard drinkers. It’s assumed that the eggs help to neutralize the alcohol in the body.

A Cup of Tea

The Irish believe that drinking a strong cup of tea that’s sweet can cure many ills. And that the healing properties can extend to hangovers. While tea can be a diuretic when consumed in high quantities, research has shown that moderate amounts of tea can hydrate the body like water.

A Complete Irish Breakfast

A full Irish breakfast typically comprises bacon, beans, black pudding, eggs, fried tomato, sausages, and a side of toast. A large portion of Irish people views a complete Irish breakfast as one of the best remedies for hangover symptoms.

A Breakfast Roll

If you have to work or attend to other important duties the day after a night of drinking, you can try a breakfast roll. Available in most deli counters, the breakfast rolls include components from a complete Irish breakfast.


Lucozade is a British energy drink that was invented over 90 years ago. It’s mostly taken to combat:

  • Colds
  • Cases of flu
  • Hangovers

While the energy drink offered some aid in all these different cases, many alcohol partakers opt to take it specifically to combat hangover issues. Lucozade’s high sugar content offers a fast vitality boost when staying in bed all day to recover is not an option.

Chicken Fillet Roll

Another worthwhile staple from deli counters is a chicken fillet roll.

It consists of breaded chicken breast placed in a roll of bread. The hearty roll is believed to help soothe the ill effects of overnight drinking.

Hair of the Dog

Another stereotypical Irish hangover cure is to take more alcohol. Many people swear by using the “hair of the dog” remedy to curb splitting headaches. However, taking more alcohol to cure a hangover is a slippery tactic that should be approached cautiously. You should only consume one drink to avoid a subsequent hangover.

Most Irish people opt for Guinness in their hair of the dog practice, because it’s a heavier beverage with certain health benefits. Guinness is rich in iron, which can help to prevent hearing loss. Additionally, it has antioxidant compounds that can aid in preventing arterial clogging.


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