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How Raw Egg Hangover Cure Works

By January 16, 2020Folk Hangover Cure
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Did you drink too much last night only to wake up with a terrible headache, uneasy stomach or sensitivity to light? Those are some of the common hangover symptoms. But, why does that happen and how can you get rid of it quickly? Read on to know more.

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Why Do Hangovers Happen?

Alcohol tends to push fluids out of the human body. The fluid loss goes hand-in-hand with losing vital salts, such as potassium and magnesium, and disruption of blood sugar levels. Additionally, toxins released during alcohol metabolism can stay in the body for a couple of hours after you finish your drinking spree.

The liquor can also irritate the stomach and intestines, causing nausea. All those components come together to showcase hangover symptoms.

Raw Egg Hangover Cure

Time is the only full-proof remedy for hangovers. However, if you are feeling terrible, you can try a raw egg hangover cure. You might be curious as to how raw egg hangover cure works. Egg yolks contain the amino acid, N-acetyl-cysteine, which helps to expel the toxins from alcohol and tobacco smoke.

To make your raw egg hangover cure, here are the ingredients you will need:

  •         1 unbroken raw egg yolk
  •         1-2 tomato ketchup tablespoons
  •         1 part olive oil
  •         Some Tabasco sauce and Worcestershire sauce
  •         Table salt
  •         Ground black pepper
  •         Lemon juice, pickle juice or vinegar

Mix all the ingredients in a glass and quickly swallow them up. The unbroken egg yolk gives the drink a texture that’s similar to an oyster’s. That is why the dink is referred to as prairie oyster. Sometimes, people call it a prairie cocktail or a Thai aphrodisiac.

The tomato ketchup in the prairie oyster is a rich source of antioxidants in the form of bioflavonoids.

Other Hangover Remedies

If you are experiencing hangover symptoms, you should drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol. You can also take a sports drink with sugar and electrolytes to replenish what your body lost because of alcohol. That can help to restore normal blood sugar levels.

If you are up to it, try to eat some bananas, bouillon or vegetable broth in order to replenish many vital salts in the body. Furthermore, you can ease your hangover symptoms by sleeping for several hours.

Avoid pain relievers that have acetaminophen as an ingredient. That’s because they can damage the liver when combined with any leftover alcohol in your system. Also, stay away from aspirin as it may upset your tummy if you are sensitive.

Final Thoughts

Iv Drip Hangover CureYou will not experience a hangover if you do not consume alcohol. However, if you must take alcohol, there are certain remedies that can help to reduce your hangover symptoms. The raw egg hangover cure is one such remedy, but it is not backed by clinical research. It does, however, offer some health benefits in the form of amino acids and antioxidants.

If the raw egg hangover cure does not work for you, don’t worry. At Hangover Hospital, we have a remedy that works instantly to get you back on your feet. Our IV hangover relief works in less than one hour. Contact our licensed specialists from wherever you are, and we will come to you to administer the remedy.