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How to Avoid a Hangover

By July 12, 2019Drinking Facts
how to avoid a hangover | hangover hospital

In dealing with the adverse effects of alcohol, there are several methods or practices that can help reduce or eliminate the resulting hangover. One of these methods is through the application of a system of hydration.

Why hydration?

how to avoid a hangover | hangover hospitalOne of the surprising effects of drinking alcohol is that no matter how much you drink, it actually dehydrates your body. For most people, this comes as a surprise, since drinking fluids would normally seem to cure dehydration instead of cause it, but with alcohol, the interactions are reversed.

How does alcohol dehydrate?

The human body naturally monitors and controls the water levels in its system. It uses measurements of salt and other factors to determine the current fluid levels, and make changes how to avoid a hangover | hangover hospitalto compensate for any improper readings. Along with generating a thirst to help replenish the fluid supply, it also uses a diuretic control hormone to help reduce the amount of urination allowed, which works to retain the new levels.



  • In the natural balance of things, the system works well. Thirst brings in more water, the circulatory system distributes the freshwater and carries any excess or old fluids to be eliminated through the kidneys. Exercise, diet, heat, or cold in the environment and other factors cause the body to adjust, using these natural processes to keep things in check.
  • Now, we introduce alcohol into the system. The body reads the extra fluids and adds them to the levels, but there is one important side effect of alcohol in the bloodstream: It reduces the production of the diuretic hormone our body uses. By removing the tool the system uses to control the flow of fluids, the body sends water to the kidneys in much higher quantities.
  • As a result, the person drinking alcohol will expel more fluids than they are receiving, and the problem just gets worse the more they drink. As any drinker knows, a night of alcohol will include numerous trips to the bathroom, to accommodate the extra flow of fluids out of the body.

How can I overcome dehydration?

how to avoid a hangover | hangover hospitalFor most people, some simple adjustments to their drinking patterns can have a big impact on hydration levels. Give your body a small break between drinks, and consume some water or other non-alcohol fluids to help your body get control again. Slow down the alcohol flow in general, to also reduce the quantities of fluids your body loses. Some drinkers choose to add a sports drink or vitamin-enriched mix to their intake during or after a night of drinking alcohol, again to help stabilize the body’s fluids.

The end result

how to avoid a hangover | hangover hospitalAlthough every drinker reacts differently, most can experiment with fluid levels and work to reduce the resulting hangover substantially. That is why those at Hangover Hospital are here to assist you. Their hangover cure of an IV drip packed with electrolytes and vitamins helps your body recover from a hangover in less than an hour. Call us today at (305) 912-4911 if you need a quick recovery to get you back to enjoying your vacation.