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How to Get Rid of a Wine Hangover

By January 29, 2021Wine
Morning Recovery Hangover Cure

Have you just had a wild weekend drinking wine? Is your hangover killing you? Here is a solution for you at Hangover Hospital Keywest in Florida. The specialists at Hangover Hospital understand how to prevent a wine hangover. These remedies comprise hydration services and nutrient-rich solutions that provide relief within a few minutes.

How Hangover Hospital Works

To receive the medication to cure that stubborn migraine or hangover and get back to enjoying life, the hospital has created a 3-step procedure for you to follow. These include;

  •       Book an appointment or call– call the hospital, inform the nurses of your location, and a specialist will be sent or fill out a form.
  •       Don’t move; the physicians will come to you– Hangover Hospital provides relief wherever you are.
  •       Wipe out the hangover before it destroys you– Rest and relax as the physicians give you your IV and get rid of that hangover.

Types of Services Hangover Hospital Provides

Other than curing hangovers, the paramedics provide health services such as sunburn aid, trade fair recovery, flu relief, athletic performance and recovery, high dose vitamin C, migraine relief, and Meyers cocktail.

How the Hangover IV Solution Works

The specialists utilize an IV to induce a combination of antioxidant and hydration treatments in the blood. Hangover IV is a mixture of vitamins and minerals the body requires to fight off the effects of a wild night. The therapy includes hydrating saline solution, B12 shot, five separate B Vitamins, B12 + super vitamin B complex booster, Meyers cocktail, high dose vitamin C and additional medicines that relieve headaches and or nausea. All these constituents play different roles to heal the hangover.B12 shot, for instance, helps the body break down liquor and boosts energy. Super B vitamin complex booster injection of 5 vitamins increases body metabolism and burns belly fat. B12+ super vitamin B complex booster helps to ensure maximum benefit of vitamin B.

What Packages Does Hangover Hospital Offer?

Medics at Hangover Hospital offer custom, personalized packages such as bachelorette or bachelor nights, bar crawls, water explorations, fishing charters, or any other event of your choosing. Also, there are three opening packages for those worst hangovers depending on how drunk you are. First is the stat package, which includes 1000ml rehydration, electrolytes, anti-nausea, or anti-headache. Stat bundle is perfect for mild overindulgence to get rid of headaches or nausea.

Second is the code blue pack ideal for average to severe alcohol intake to eliminate its aftereffect. It comprises 1000ml rehydration, electrolytes, anti-nausea, anti-headache, anti-inflammatory IV medications, IV vitamin cocktail, and antioxidants. 

The third bundle is the Lazarus package, which is perfect for a person who is on a hangover deathbed. It consists of medications from the code blue package plus glutathione, IV antacid, super B vitamin complex, and 30-minute oxygen rehabilitation. Oxygen rehabilitation relieves the discomfort of alcohol consumption and soothes headaches and migraines.

Do not have wine in fear of its aftereffects as Hangover Hospital Keywest has your back. Feel free to contact one of the best doctors for your hangover cure in Florida.