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How to Overcome Hangover Motion Sickness

Taking excess alcohol can result in a range of hangover symptoms. One of the symptoms that you would want to avoid is motion sickness or throwing up. Your body responds to excess toxins from the alcohol intake by vomiting. 

While motion sickness might make you feel terrible, the risk of having excess toxins might be damaging to the body. The Hangover Hospital Key West offers a 45-min IV hangover remedy to help overcome your hangover motion sickness. Alternatively, here are some proven tips on how to overcome hangover motion sickness.

Eat Small Bites

To help your stomach in its hangover recovery, you should consider eating lightly. Nibble on crackers and sip on broth or soup will go along with you in reducing the nasty feeling of nausea. 

Eat small amounts of bland foods such as crackers, toast, and applesauce to maintain high energy levels. However, you should wait for about 30 minutes after having vomited to decrease the probability of triggering the nausea reflex again.

Take Clear Drinks Lightly

You can also consider drinking small sips of clear drinks to rehydrate your body. Again, wait for thirty minutes after you have vomited. Some examples of the liquids that can relieve your motion sickness include:

  • Cold water
  • Gatorade
  • Pedialyte
  • Powerade
  • Low sugar ginger ale

Sipping clear drinks helps to decrease your alcohol consumption as well as helping to prevent the effects of dehydration caused by drinking excess alcohol that also contributes to motion sickness the following day. If you wake up with hangover motion sickness, sipping these liquids slowly can help rehydrate your body and settle your stomach from throwing up.

Get Sufficient Rest

On the morning of a hangover motion sickness, getting enough rest will help you overcome it more quickly. Don’t try to overwork, although your body will not allow you. Sleeping the hangover motion sickness off will only help you feel much better when you wake up.  

Don’t Try the ‘Hair of the Dog’ Idea.

“Hair of the dog” refers to a saying that taking more alcohol the morning after a night of drinking can relieve your hangover symptoms and make you feel better. However, the fact is that drinking more alcohol will not help and might most probably worsen your symptoms. 

According to the National Institutes of Health, taking more alcohol the following day will increase the amount of acid released, hence increasing your stomach irritation and nausea. To curb motion sickness, don’t drink after the hangover motion sickness and give your body and stomach some break.

Take Ibuprofen

Most medical professionals recommend taking ibuprofen for hangovers. Ibuprofen is preferred over acetaminophen as the latter requires metabolism in the liver. The liver is already overworked, trying to metabolize toxic alcohol by-products into less harmful products. More so, ibuprofen can also help to relieve motion sickness. 

Final Thoughts

These are the tips on how to overcome hangover motion sickness easily. The most important thing is to know your drinking limits without becoming sick the next morning. However, if the motion sickness persists, you should book an appointment with the Hangover Hospital for a quick and effective treatment.

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