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Immediate Hangover Cure

By November 21, 2019Folk Hangover Cure
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After a long night out with your friends and loved ones, the headache and stomachache can be a constant nuisance. A hangover is difficult to deal with if you don’t have an immediate solution. Causes of hangovers are less known, but there are theories concerning alcohol disrupting your biological rhythm resulting in an unpleasant feeling.

Other experts believe that alcohol withdrawal is the cause, while research suggests that impurities in distilled alcohol are what make you feel nauseous. The headache can be due to dehydration, and the body is adjusting to the drop in blood sugar levels. The only sure solution to avoid hangovers is by stopping drinking. Can you do that? Of course not!

What Are some Immediate Hangover Cures?

Next time you are in this predicament, just use the following immediate hangover cure solutions. They are the best hangover treatments you can use to stabilize your body.

Drink lots of water

Certainly the most obvious solution and the best. When you drink alcohol, your body stops producing vasopressin, which means that the kidney is sending water directly to the bladder and not absorbing the water into your body. This is the main reason why you have a constant feeling of going to the toilet or washroom several times while drinking.

Excessive urination leads to dehydration as the body loses a lot of water, which gives you the dry mouth and thumping headache. The best remedy is drinking plenty of water the moment you wake up the next day. Always put a jug of water on your bedside table before heading out to have fun with colleagues or friends. Experts recommend drinking about 8 glasses of water daily to hydrate your body properly.

Drink a fizzy drink 

A can of lime and lemon pop helps process that alcohol out of the system and speeds up your recovery. Sprite is among the best drinks as it helps break down alcohol, which reduces the duration of your hangover. Alkaline drinks work perfectly and help balance the acid levels in your gut while quelling the feeling of nausea.


Take some painkillers to quell your headache. Buy the over the counter painkillers as they also reduce muscle cramps. However, avoid ingesting aspirin as it increases the feeling of sickness and irritates your stomach. Choose a paracetamol or ibuprofen lysine as they absorb quickly.

Ingest dissolvable tablets

Take some dissolvable tablets that contain magnesium, calcium, and vitamins B & C. The tablets help replace nutrients you lose while drinking. Stock up your medicine cabinet before the pharmacy closes.

Drink milk thistle

Milk thistle has silymarin that helps tackle liver disorders. It also helps treat liver disease due to alcohol abuse. Plus, taking the drink helps improve your liver function.

Eat your meal

You will always get that urge to eat a greasy plate of food early in the morning to cure your hangover. It’s an option that works for most people. The fat in the food has calories that boost your energy. Meals with eggs are rich in cysteine and amino acids, which help clear out toxins from your body. Eat a bland breakfast to increase your blood sugar levels and curb the stomach problems. Other options include vegetable-based broth, crackers, and toast. Eating a banana will make you feel better as alcohol depletes potassium levels in your body.


A hangover is always going to be a consequence to deal with after a night out with colleagues drinking. Alcohol is known to cause

  • headaches
  • stomach ache issues
  • fatigue
  • shakiness
  • muscle aches

Prepare yourself with these immediate hangover cures before heading out to ensure you treat your nausea in the morning. You can consult Hangover Hospital to learn more about other home-based remedies.

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