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How Long Does Being Drunk Last? – Hangover Hospital Key West

Being drunk can be fun but no one wants to stay drunk all day. The effects of alcohol include; impaired judgment, lowered inhibition, and physical injuries. Alcohol metabolism is the amount of time it takes for alcohol to be metabolized.

The amount of time alcohol stays in your system depends on several factors. You will begin to experience the effects of alcohol about 30 minutes after you start drinking. It will remain in your system for about two hours.

The Duration of Action

The human body can process 0.5 ounces of alcohol every hour. Even though the body absorbs alcohol fast, the process of metabolism can be very slow. It is, therefore, possible to detect alcohol in your body fluids up to 24 hours after drinking. The speed of alcohol metabolism varies from one person to another.

How Long Do the Effects Last?

hangover cures with an IVThe effects of alcohol in your body will vary depending on how long you drink.

The effects of high alcohol doses will last than smaller doses. Some effects of high alcohol dosages include; incapability to perform normal body functions, slowed thinking, and slurred speech.

If you ingest small doses of alcohol, the effects may subside fast. Normally, the effects of intoxication will wear off in 48-72 hours. In that period, you will be experiencing hangover symptoms.

The Alcohol High

The alcohol high which is also known as intoxication or being drunk is affected by a number of reasons including genetics. Those who drink a lot build a high alcohol tolerance. The duration of your high will vary depending on these reasons;

  • The food you take before and after administration of alcohol
  • The type of alcohol you drink
  • Drinking other fluids along with your alcohol
  • How you drink

If you drink fast through a straw, alcohol goes from your mouth straight to your brain. Drinking fast means that your liver will have no time to process the alcohol. You are likely to be intoxicated for a long time.

Factors of Intoxication

How Long Does Being Drunk Last | Hangover Hospital Key WestWeight plays an important role in tolerance. The heavier you are, the more alcohol you need to get drunk. It is because heavier people need more alcohol to raise their BAC. The extra weight also makes it easy to lower your BAC. People with smaller friends will take longer to sober up.

Men and women have different ways of metabolizing alcohol. Men need more alcohol than women to get drunk. They also sober up faster. In men, the BAC goes up slowly. Most of the alcohol is absorbed in the stomach.

If you want to know how long your alcohol high will last, there is a way to calculate it. Your liver can process alcohol at an average of 0.02% per hour. Multiply the number of drinks you consumed by 0.001 and deduce 0.02 for every hour that you spent drinking. Multiply it by 0.02 and subtract that from your initial answer.

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