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McDonald’s Hangover Cure

By March 5, 2021Uncategorized
McDonald's Hangover Cure | Hangover Hospital Key West

Well, we have all experienced this. You have just woken up, your head is pounding, and your mouth is dry. One of the things to relieve this inevitable hangover lingering over you is a Maccie’s coke. As you order the coke, you might as well consume anything off the menu. McDonald’s is now providing a hangover cure menu certain to relieve any hangover. The new menu for hangover is the Mega ShareBox. This means people with a hangover can finally access the food specifically intended for their consumption.

Unfortunately, McDonald’s all-day breakfast menu will be limited; hence some substitutions might be required depending on your area. Hangover Hospital Key West, has a solution for you. Our hangover relief will efficiently relieve your hangover in about 45-minutes so that you can be up on your feet again. Here is an exclusive look at McDonalds Hangover Cure.

What Causes Hangover?

Drinking alcohol makes your body excrete more water through urination because it is a diuretic.  Ethanol is the diuretic component in alcohol that causes dehydration. This results in dehydration which can make you feel fatigued, have headaches, low concentration, and even cause dizziness and nausea. These are symptoms of a hangover. When you wake up with a hangover, you will be craving food. For the hangover mind, McDonald’s’ is offering the food you need to relieve your hangover.

McDonald’s Mega ShareBox

Now, McDonald’s is finally providing intoxicated people what they want to relieve their hangover. The mammoth $40 Mega ShareBox order comes with;

  •       2 x Cheeseburger
  •       4 x Regular Sundaes
  •       2 x McChicken
  •       4 x Medium Soft Drinks
  •       2 x Big Mac
  •       4 x Medium Fries

You probably have not seen something much attractive and delicious? Let’s not think about the calorie count, but I am sure you would happily mulch it alone. This is sufficient to eat with your buddy, but a severe hangover will see you eat the whole mammoth.

Other Available Sizes

If you think that you can’t finish all that Mega ShareBox order, there are other sizes available to ensure you get relief from your hangover. McDonald is providing the $30 Legends ShareBox and the $20 Classics ShareBox. The $30 Legends Share Box consists of; 2 x Medium Fries, 1 x McChicken, 1 x Fillet-o-Fish, 2 x Big Mac, 1 x 6px Chicken Nuggets, 2 x Small Fries and 4 x Standard Soft Drinks.  

On the other hand, the $20  Classics ShareBox consists of; 1 x McChicken, 2 x Medium Deep-fries, , 1 x Cheeseburger, 2 x Small Soft Drinks, a spread of 1 x Big Mac, 1 x Quarter Pounder, 2 X Med Soft Drinks, and 2 x Small Fries. If you wish to grub breakfast to relieve the hangover of the previous night, the Big Brekkie Burger is also a perfect way to begin the day.

Final Thoughts

You can be sure that the ShareBox from McDonald’s will effectively relieve your hangover symptoms and your food craving. Nonetheless, if a McDonald’s hangover cure is not a practical option, such as due to location, you should call or schedule an appointment online with the Hangover Hospital.