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NyQuil Hangover Cure

By September 23, 2019Hangover Facts
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When people are suffering from a cold or flu and it’s interfering with their sleep, often the first remedy they reach for is NyQuil. This powerful over-the-counter medication quickly lulls a person to sleep and brings them relief from their symptoms for several hours at a time. 

However, while NyQuil may provide relief at night, many people have trouble shaking the grogginess when they wake up. This is a NyQuil hangover, and those suffering from it will often do whatever it takes to emerge from it and feel like themselves again. If you’re suffering, below are a few NyQuil hangover cures that might help. 

A Preventative Measure

Although a bottle of NyQuil recommends that adults take 30 ml every six hours, that doesn’t mean a person has to take that much. Many people find that cutting the dosage in half and taking only 15 ml can reduce the effects, and help prevent a NyQuil hangover in the morning. Of course, if you’re already suffering from too much NyQuil, you’ll need remedies to cure it. 


The biggest symptom associated with a NyQuil hangover is sleepiness and grogginess. As such, coffee is a great way to combat those symptoms so you can start feeling better. Make sure you don’t drink too much caffeine, as coffee can produce other symptoms, such as:

  • shakiness
  • high anxiety
  • headache
  • dizziness

A cup or two, though, may help you get through your day. 


Stay Hydrated

One of the reasons NyQuil works so well and allows you to sleep is because it dries up everything in the system. This helps you cough less, blow your nose less, and calm everything down. Drinking water is just as important when suffering from a NyQuil hangover as it is for any other kind. It will help flush out any of the medication that remains in your system and rehydrate anything that became dehydrated from the drug. Sports drinks that contain electrolytes are also often very beneficial in relieving hangovers of any kind, including those caused by NyQuil. 

Eat Something

What to eat before drinking?

Also like any hangover, eating something will also help ease the symptoms of a NyQuil hangover. Having something in your stomach will help move the NyQuil out of your system faster, so your hangover won’t last as long. Additionally, if you don’t eat anything, it will only make you feel even more tired and groggy. Eating something with a lot of protein and fat will give you the necessary energy to combat the hangover symptoms and start feeling like yourself again. 

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Hangovers are no fun, and that holds true for NyQuil hangovers, too. If you’re feeling the sleepiness and fatigue that comes from NyQuil, call us at Hangover Hospital today for our Key West NyQuil hangover cure. Our unique blend of vitamins, electrolytes, and other remedies will give you more energy and get you feeling better in just a few minutes. 

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