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Pear Juice Hangover Cure

By September 24, 2019Folk Hangover Cure

There are many different hangover cures out there.

  • Pickle juice
  • Japanese drinks
  • Taking a shot of what ails you
  • Rubbing lemons under your armpits
  • Raw egg

Some even say they actually work. None of those hangover cures, though, are backed by science. Those that want to try a hangover cure that has been scientifically proven to help can find it in certain kinds of pears. According to researchers, drinking Asian pear juice can help fight the hangover blues and in fact, prevent them from occurring at all, leading many to support the pear juice hangover cure as a way to move forward after a night of fun.

How it Works

While studying the many health benefits the Asian pear holds, researchers at Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CISRO) found one particularly interesting. It seems as though the Asian pear can help prevent hangovers. Before drinking alcohol, consuming 220 ml of the Asian pear juice can help reduce hangover symptoms the next day. That’s about the equivalent of one cup of juice. 

The researchers determined that this works because Asian pears, more specifically Korean pears, have components that act on the enzymes involved in metabolizing alcohol. These are namely alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) and aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH). The interaction of the two increases the metabolism of alcohol, causing a person to eliminate it from their system faster. It can also prevent the system from completely absorbing the alcohol, also reducing the effects of a hangover. 

Things to Know About the Pear Juice Hangover Cure

While researchers have proven that drinking pear juice can help prevent hangovers, there are a few things still unclear after the study. For example, it’s unknown if other varieties of pears could have the same effect, or if there is something about Asian pears specifically that can help hangovers. 

It’s also unknown whether eating the fruit will have the same effect as drinking its juice. Given that it’s unlikely that one pear contains a whole cup of juice, it’s unlikely that eating just one Asian pear would cure a hangover. However, eating several pears may do the trick, although research has not backed this up. 

It is known that pear juice is more of a preventative measure than it is a treatment. So, coming home after a long night out drinking with your friends and drinking pear juice likely won’t have any effect on how you feel the next day. On the other hand, getting in some Asian pear juice before going out will likely have you feeling a bit better than usual in the morning. 

Don’t have Any Pear Juice? Call Hangover Hospital in Florida for Your Hangover Cure

Pear juice may be a good preventative measure for hangovers. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to it and even those that do may forget to take it before heading out for the night. When either of these are the case and you need a Key West hangover cure, Hangover Hospital can help. If you have a hangover, call us today at (305) 912-4911. We can be wherever you are in minutes with our special IV blend that will leave you hydrated and feeling better in just a few minutes. No one should have to suffer through a hangover. When you call us, you won’t have to.

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