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Pedialyte Hangover Cure

By August 21, 2019Uncategorized
Mouthwash Hangover Cure in Key West

Pedialyte has developed a cult following as an overall hangover cure that will remedy any hangover symptoms you’re suffering from. The trend has become so huge, that the company has actually capitalized on it. They have started a Twitter campaign with the hashtag #NotJustForBabies. However, if you are suffering from a hangover, should you rush out to the pharmacy or grocery store to get yourself a bottle? Does the Pedialyte hangover cure really work? At Hangover Hospital, we want to provide answers.

How Does the Pedialyte Hangover Cure Work?

Pedialyte hangover Cure | Hangover HospitalOriginally, Pedialyte was developed as a product to help babies and children that are suffering from ailments such as the cold or flu. It is available over the counter, which is undoubtedly one reason it has skyrocketed in popularity as a hangover cure. Pedialyte is particularly effective in treating dehydration, one of the main causes of hangovers. 

  • The secret to Pedialyte is that it is full of electrolytes. When people drink excessively, they lose large amounts of these minerals. This is usually through urinating, which people do more when they are drinking. Vomiting, sweating, and diarrhea can all cause someone to lose significant amounts of electrolytes, which contributes to a hangover. 

There are many other ingredients in Pedialyte that help treat the symptoms of a hangover, as well. These include water, dextrose, and zinc. All of these can boost the immune system, balance pH, and improve nerve function. 

Does Pedialyte Work for Hangovers?

Pedialyte Hangover Cure | Hangover HospitalWith so many people touting the benefits of Pedialyte for hangovers, it’s easy to assume that it does indeed help. However, before you head out to the store, there are a few things to remember. 




  • The first is that while Pedialyte will treat some symptoms of a hangover, it is not a cure-all. It will help hydrate you more quickly, which will flush out the alcohol and get you feeling better faster. It will also restore your electrolytes, which will also make you feel better, and it can help increase your blood sugar, which also typically drops after you’ve been drinking. 
  • However, Pedialyte does not provide relief from all hangover symptoms. It will not help with sleep disruption, nor will it help cure the stomach ache that often comes with a hangover. Pedialyte, like all other hangover cures, will also affect different people in different ways. While it may work for one person, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will automatically work for another. 

Want a Real Hangover Cure? Call Us Today!

Pedialyte Hangover Cure | Hangover HospitalIt’s true that Pedialyte has become known as one of the best hangover cures on the market. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any research done on its effectiveness, and it’s likely not going to help any more than other hangover remedies such as drinking water or eating. Like most hangover cures, these take time. If you can’t wait for your hangover to be over, contact Hangover Hospital today. Our hangover cure takes just minutes to start working, and we can be at your door in a matter of minutes. Call us now at (305) 912-4911 to book your appointment.