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Why People Get Hangovers and How to Treat Them

By July 12, 2019Uncategorized
How Long Does Being Drunk Last | Hangover Hospital Key West

Hangovers can really be draining. You know at some point because you’ve been there, that morning when it feels like a balloon has been tucked under your cranium and is being inflated slowly. So, what exactly is a hangover and how should you handle it?

  • Hangovers may vary amongst persons. Some people will experience bad headaches, others’ dizziness while others will feel generally worn out. The major cause of hangovers is the dehydration that your body experiences after a night of heavy drinking.

Another cause of hangovers is the ethanol that is present in the drink that you enjoyed last night. Ethanol is a toxic chemical and it acts as a diuretic in the body. It drains most of the water leaving the body highly dehydrated. Your body at such a time produces more urine.

Here are some more reasons why people experience hangovers:


  • Irritation of the Stomach Lining

why people get hangover and how to treat them | hangover hospitalAlcohol may generally increase the production of some acids in your stomach leading to abdominal pains. The increased production of stomach acid may also be the reason why you experience nausea and vomiting every time you get a hangover.

  • Falling Sugar Levels

After a night of heavy drinking, it’s very possible that your blood sugars may temporarily go down. Low blood sugar may make you feel generally weak. You may experience weakness and some mood disturbances too.

  • Too many Congeners

why people get hangover and how to treat them | hangover hospitalMost alcoholic beverages may contain a large number of congeners. Congeners give alcoholic drinks their flavors and are considered causative agents of hangovers too. Dark liquors such as brandy and vodkas have high amounts of such. Congeners can increase the severity of the hangovers.



Treating a Hangover

There are quite a number of ways by which you can treat a hangover. The easiest way that has traditionally been used by the majority of us is drinking lots of water after a night out. The effectiveness of the method depends on person to person. Some of us can hardly take water at such times. Others can only take very little amounts of water.

why people get hangovers and how to treat them | hangover hospitalThe other method is the IV drip. This is a medical process that is done by a professional medic, like those professionals at Hangover Hospital Key West. He/she may ask a few questions about how you feel before administering the drip. Other accompaniments for the drip may include injectable painkillers to bring down your headache. The IV drip process takes about an hour. Its results are felt on the spot and are a sure and quick remedy on a morning that you are having a bad hangover yet you got a tight schedule ahead. Call us today at (305) 912-4911.