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What is Seeing Double-Vision Like?

By March 1, 2019Hangover Facts

What is Seeing Double-Vision Like? | Hangover HospitalIt’s not great, to put it mildly. Among the constellation of unpleasant symptoms of being overly drunk, seeing double is an indication that you should probably just pass out. When you wake up the next morning, the Hangover Paramedics at the Hangover Hospital will deliver the best Key West hangover cure.

Why Do You See Double When You’re Drunk

It happens because the muscles in your eyes are no longer functioning properly along with the rest of your muscles. This is due to the fact that your alcohol consumption has disrupted the nerve signals to various parts of your body. One popular point of disruption in your eyes. Your eyes essentially require effort to focus uniformly to create a single image in your brain.

  • This can happen for a number of reasons, but overindulging in alcohol is one of them. One way to correct the problem is by utilizing an eye patch.
  • Since your brain does not need to process two disparate images to create a single image, it takes some of the pressure off the brain.

Excessive Alcohol Consumption Can Permanently Damage Your Eyes

What is Seeing Double-Vision Like? | Hangover HospitalIt’s true. The impact of seeing double can have cumulative effects over time. This has to do with the irreparable damage that alcohol does to the optic nerves. Toxic amblyopia (also known as nutritional optic neuropathy) is a condition that is caused by either a toxic response to certain poisons or nutritional deficits. Tobacco that contains cyanide, for example, can cause a gradual decrease in visual acuity. When the reaction happens due to methyl alcohol (usually homebrew) it can lead to permanent blindness. Vitamin deficiencies of B1, B2, folate can also cause toxic amblyopia. The condition affects both eyes uniformly and is considered either acute or chronic. In acute cases, it occurs temporarily and then goes away.

  • However, it does damage before it goes away. If it’s chronic, it is chronic because the optic nerve has atrophied. There is no cure.

Who is at Risk of Developing Permanent Vision Problems?

Chronic alcoholics who drinking every day tend to develop a degradation in their vision over time. But those who binge drink excessive amounts are also at increased risk of developing permanent vision problems. On top of that, alcohol slows the rate at which your brain communicates with your body.

What Else Can Damage Your Eyesight?

What is Seeing Double-Vision Like? | Hangover HospitalAny drug that operates as a vasoconstrictor can cause eye damage. This includes stimulants such and methamphetamine and cocaine. Additionally, smoking constricts the blood vessels as well and can reduce your vision. Nicotine is, after all, a stimulant. Additionally, smoking can increase the rate of macular degeneration, cause cataracts, cause glaucoma, cause diabetes which can lead to diabetic retinopathy.

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