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Severe Hangovers

By July 13, 2021Hangover Facts
How Long Does Being Drunk Last | Hangover Hospital Key West

Have you ever gone overboard, consuming three or more alcoholic drinks in a short amount of time? And then woke up the following morning with nausea, a headache, and an overall sensation of exhaustion? All of these symptoms are pretty frequent following a night of bingeing. But how can you determine if you are suffering from a severe hangover or something more significant?

The 45-minute IV Hangover relief at Hangover Hospital Key West will help you eliminate your symptoms and rejuvenate your energy. If you realize any of these warning signs, contact their office:

1)    Exacerbated Symptoms

What to Eat Before Drinking?Acute alcohol withdrawal symptoms include unmanageable tremors, heavy sweating, rapid heartbeat, as well as elevated impatience, blood pressure, and agitation or anxiety.

In more extreme situations, seizures or delirium tremens (a fast-escalating mix of altered mental status and autonomic nervous system hyperactivity) could be life-threatening complications necessitating emergency medical intervention.

2)    The Symptoms Persist For More Than A Day

Everybody’s withdrawal symptoms are unique. However, something you assume is a hangover persists for a second or third day; it is a clue that it is more than simply a hangover. As your body adapts to the lack of alcohol, detoxification might take a few days.

Whenever a presumed hangover becomes a days-long battle, there is a strong probability it is the consequence of more than just a little excessive consumption.

3)    The Symptoms Worsen With Time

Emergen-C Hangover CureWhen you have a standard hangover, you should feel better within several hours of drinking water or taking something. However, if you have been drinking for 12 hours and your symptoms continue to worsen, you may be in withdrawal.

In reality, some of the most serious withdrawal symptoms might persist for up to 2–3 days since the last drink. If you or somebody you know is becoming worse rather than better, getting medical attention right away is vital because the danger of seizures grows if you do not.

4)    Each Time You Consume Alcohol, You Feel Hungover

If you begin to suffer substantially bothersome hangover symptoms, which disrupt your everyday routine following each drinking session, this could indicate rising physiological dependence and a growing alcohol use problem. Furthermore, you do not have to drink daily for it to be an issue. Long recovery times following binge drinking each weekend, for instance, may indicate dysfunctional patterns of usage and increasing alcohol addiction.

Best Cure for Hangover AnxietySuch alterations could be particularly worrisome if you are already suffering unfavorable consequences due to your drinking. These include:

  • Disrupted relationships
  • Inability to attend work or other obligations
  • Opting not to attend drinks-free events or functions

Bottom Line

The above-mentioned are some of the warning signs that your hangover might be more serious than you think. If you tend to experience frequent, severe hangovers that are interfering with your life; it might be time to seek assistance.

Do not let another day go down the drain; contact Hangover Hospital Key West today. With their IV hangover solution, your symptoms will be drastically eliminated, and you will be back at your feet in less than an hour.

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