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Sleeping Pill Hangover Cure

By August 12, 2020Folk Hangover Cure
why you can shake a hangover with an IV

Many people have their versions of curing a hangover after a night out. While some of these remedies work, others can worsen the situation, making it difficult to get rid of hangover symptoms. One of these is the sleeping pill, and some people report it to be an effective hangover cure. At Hangover Hospital in Key West Florida, we have dedicated our efforts in providing immediate relief from hangovers. We will help with your current situation and ensure you return to full sobriety. Your previous night’s party should not affect your plans for the next day.

The sleeping pill hangover cure, is used by many to help them get through the symptoms after drinking too much. To understand how the pill helps to relieve form hangover symptoms, you first need to understand how alcohol affects your body.

How alcohol affects your body

Alcohol dehydrates your body because it is diuretic. You visit the washroom more frequently when drunk, leaving your body with little water. Dehydration is associated with symptoms such as dizziness, migraines and headaches, which are one of the worst symptoms during a hangover. Therefore drinking a lot of water will likely alleviate your situation.

When the alcohol is broken down, the by-product is acetaldehyde. The accumulation of this compound in the liver leads to acute hangover symptoms such as nausea and headache. Eating food rich in protein could help flush out the toxic substance and help you return to full health.

Does Sleeping pills work to cure a hangover?

Mixing alcohol and medication is not a wise thing to do, and experts warn of the dangers posed. They warn against taking alcohol together with the sleeping pills but suggest taking the sleeping pills after several hours of drinking the alcohol. Therefore if you woke up with a hangover, taking a sleeping pill might alleviate the symptoms. Sleeping is one of the best cures for hangovers, and taking a pill might help.

However, sleeping the day after the indulgence might not be an option if you require to be at your work. Therefore you will need a cure to get you going immediately. At Hangover hospital, we have excellent hangover cures that offer relief quickly. The hangover we deliver is a blend of minerals and vitamins, which are vital to help your body fight the effects of excessive alcohol consumption.

The treatments w offer include:

  •       High dose vitamin C
  •       B12 shot
  •       Hydrating saline solution
  •       B12 and Super Vitamin B Booster
  •       B1,B2,B3,B5 and B6
  •       Medicines that cure nausea and headaches
  •       Meyers cocktail

At the hospital, we also provide thirty-minute oxygen therapy, ensuring that you get over your hangover instantly. We are a team of paramedics, nurses and physicians all licensed and certified in the City of Florida. Our services are known and trusted in offering fast and effective relief from hangovers.

Call Hangover Hospital for Quick Relief from Hangovers

If sleeping the whole day is not an option for you, you can call Hangover Hospital for quick treatment. You can come in at our location, or if the hangover is severe, we can come to you. We are focused on getting you back to full health and be able to attend work.