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After a person has consumed too much alcohol, they often fall asleep or are told to “go sleep it off.” At Hangover Hospital, we want to tell you that this is actually dangerous advice. When a person falls asleep after they have had too much to drink, there are a number of things that can happen.

If they vomit, which often happens after drinking too much, they may choke on it. Also, the body metabolizes alcohol faster when a person is awake. In cases when a person is asleep, it doesn’t metabolize as quickly and so, a person can continue to become drunk even when they are asleep. 

These are serious dangers and contribute to the six people that die every day in the United States due to alcohol poisoning, according to the CDC. So, at the Hangover Hospital, we are here to tell you the best ways to wake up a drunk person. 

Waking Up a Drunk Person

It’s important to understand that a sleeping drunk person and an unconscious drunk person are two very different things. If a person is unconscious, it becomes a very dangerous situation and medical attention is needed.

You can tell if a person is unconscious by first trying to wake them up. It is typically very easy to wake up a person, even if they are sleeping off the effects of alcohol. 

Start by tickling or massaging the bottoms of their feet. If that doesn’t work, you may need to pinch their earlobe or rub your knuckles over their sternum.

You must do this hard enough that it causes pain, as that will actually wake a person. In the case that the person does wake up, it’s best to remain with them and not leave them alone. This allows you to check for signs of danger, and call for help if needed.  If these measures don’t work, the person could be at risk of death, or a serious medical condition.

When to Call for Help

how to wake up a drunk person | hangover hospitalIf your friend hasn’t responded to your attempts to try and wake them, it may be time to call for 911 medical help. However, first, check to make sure they’re not just sleeping.

For example, if a person appears to be sleeping soundly in a very loud bar, there’s a good chance they are not sleeping, but passed out. In that case, you should call 911 to get them the help they need.

Even if your friend stirs after you try to wake them up, but they don’t fully wake up, there are other signs to watch for that indicate they need medical attention, including:

  • They have stopped breathing
  • They are not breathing normally
  • They appear blue or cold

If this is the case, it’s time to call for emergency medical help. If a person has any of these signs or is not waking up after several attempts, calling 911 could save their life. 

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