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What Is the Best Alcohol to Take in Coffee?

By December 8, 2020Uncategorized
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Are you a spiked coffee enthusiast? You may be glad to know that there are so many possible combinations of liquor and coffee from which you could choose. While others enhance the sweetness in some coffee tones, others bring out the bitter edge that some people love. This article highlights some of the best alcohol in coffee.

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Brandy and Cognac

Brandy and cognac in coffee make for an elegant late evening drink. The former is light, sweet, and contains tons of fruit and winey grapes, making it an excellent choice to pair with bright coffees such as Centrals. That said, you should be careful to match the tones in your brandy with those in your coffee. Else, your drink will be unpleasant-tasting.

Since cognac is a form of Brandy, you can use it in pretty much the same way. It goes well with brighter, medium roasted brews with strong winey notes.

Tequila and Kahlua

Kahlua is a Mexican liqueur composed of sugar, rum, and Arabica coffee. It contains sweet tones and a dominant coffee flavor, making for an excellent brew when combined with strongly brewed good-bodied coffees. While dark roasted coffees enhance the sweetness of Kahlua, you can turn to Vienna roasted coffees for an intense coffee flavor.

Tequila is a distilled liquor produced from the fermented juice of the agave plant. Since it ranges from semi-sweet to almost bitter, it combines perfectly with brightly-toned coffees like Mexicans.

Chocolate Liqueur and Rum

If you like your coffee liqueur sweet, you should consider adding rum or chocolate liqueur to your coffee. The combination enhances the natural sugary notes of sweet brews and mutes the edge in bitter coffees. Rum, which contains up to 5 percent sugar, is best paired with dark, slightly-bitter roast coffee, such as French Roast Blend. You can combine chocolate liqueur with any coffee.

Hazelnut Liqueur

Do you enjoy the nutty tones in coffee? You can enhance them by pairing your brew with Amaretto or hazelnut liqueur. When paired with coffees with strong chocolate and nut tones, Amaretto produces an almond-biscotti flavor. Frangelico, which is a Hazelnut liqueur, goes well with medium-dark, roasted coffees like espresso.


For warmth on a chilly day, whiskey and coffee is the perfect pairing. Whiskey has a rich, smooth or bitter taste with a smoked aspect that makes for a great combination when added to dark roasted coffees such as Espresso Blends and French Roasts. Like brandy, its notes should match the coffees for the best pairing.

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What is the best alcohol in coffee? Generally, your choice of alcohol-coffee pairing will depend on your personal preferences. This article highlights options that cover everything from sweet combinations to bitter, dark brews. You can play around with them until you find a drink that works for you.

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