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What Should You Have in Your 21st Birthday Hangover Kit?

By August 7, 2021Folk Hangover Cure
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Are you getting ready for a night of heavy drinking? Whether you plan on spending the night out with friends, attending a ballgame, or a family reunion, you always want to be ready. The morning after a glamorous night can leave you frustrated as you try to deal with a dry mouth, nausea, and headaches. The good news is proper preparation before drinking can help you deal with the hangover symptoms.

When preparing for a night of heavy drinking, do not forget about the hangover kit. This way, you can wake up in the morning and have a productive day without having to worry about the effects of last night’s drinking.

Read on for more info as we at Hangover Hospital Key West look at some of the essentials you should always have in your hangover kit.

  • Water and Rehydration Salts

You may assume it is alcohol, but the most severe symptoms of hangovers are related to dehydration. Alcohol is a diuretic. After alcohol consumption, it causes water to flush out of the body at a higher rate.

Always remember to bring along enough bottled water so you can sip before, during, and after a night of heavy drinking to make up for the water loss. Adding rehydration salts to the water can help you rehydrate faster. Rehydration salts contain sugars and electrolytes lost after alcohol consumption.

  • Pain Relief Medicines

You can get incredible results by using natural and holistic hangover medications. However, you may need quick relief to get rid of the symptoms. Always remember to bring a small bottle of pain reliever like acetaminophen in your hangover kit. If you wake up with dreaded body aches and pain the following morning, you will have medication on standby.

However, painkillers only work best for people with hangover emergencies every once in a while. If you are a heavy drinker, you should control your acetaminophen intake to prevent liver damage.

  • Soap, Toothpaste, and Deodorant

After drinking, your sweat develops an even worse smell due to oxidation. Your body has natural limits to how much alcohol it can process in a specific time. Drinking past the limits causes the body to process the excesses through oxidation. As a result, smaller toxins creak down into even smaller components such as acetic acid, carbon dioxide, and water.

During the metabolism of these components, the body excretes them through the sweat glands. They also pass out of the system through urine and your breath. Adding a few small-sized toiletries into your hangover kit allows you to freshen up after a night of heavy drinking. It is a great way to get rid of undesirable scents and body odors. Also, remember to include eye drops.

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Everybody dreads a hangover because of the disruption it can potentially cause. However, your 21st birthday hangover kit can offer a quick fix solution provided that you include the right items. Always pack some water and rehydration salts to replace the water lost the previous night.

Pain relief medicines can help get rid of body aches and severe headaches, although you should not use them regularly to avoid damaging your liver. Toiletries should also never lack since you need to freshen to get rid of body odors and scents that could be a turnoff. Get a hangover kit today and say goodbye to hangovers.

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