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What to Do When Drunk

By July 5, 2019Uncategorized

There are those nights when you find yourself stumbling or having slurred speech due to drinking too much. If you want to get out of that drunken state quickly, there are some things you can do. By taking the necessary tactics and avoiding flawed methods, you might be able to become sober faster and avoid a devastating hangover the following day.

  1. Stop drinkingWhen you notice that you’re becoming too drunk for your own good, you should stop drinking immediately. Put your glass or bottle down. It normally takes the body one hour to process each drink you take, so if you have taken at least two drinks in one hour, it will take at least two hours for the body to be able to process it fully.
  2. Drink some waterDrink a full glass of water when you start to feel drunk. While drinking, it is cool hangover cure myths and how to really treat a hangover | hangover hospitalrecommended that you consume 240ml of water for each alcoholic drink you take. Follow up every drink you consume with the same amount of water prior to moving on to the next one. Moreover, before you go to bed, take another glass of water, since frequent bathroom visits can deplete the body’s salt content.
  3. Eat some snacks as you drinkMany pubs provide free snacks like peanuts or crackers that are placed on the counter for clients. Given that you are drinking someplace where snacks are readily available, you should take advantage of that chance to line your stomach with some food. Consuming light snacks while drinking will ensure you will not get intoxicated as much. Avoid heavy, fatty meals as these can make you sick.
  4. Take a 30-minute napTaking some rest is an efficient way of sobering up more quickly. After you have eaten a light meal and consumed some water, set your alarm for half an hour and take a short nap.
  5. Don’t take a cold shower to sober upA cold shower can help to increase alertness, but it won’t reduce the alcohol effects. On the contrary, taking a cold shower while you are highly intoxicated or are suffering from alcohol poisoning could send you into shock.
  6. Do not take too much coffeeA cup of coffee can help you to feel more alert, but you should not take more than one cup of coffee as this might dehydrate your body. It is a common myth that coffee sobers up a drunken person or lowers the alcohol level in the blood, but this is not true.
  7. Do not force yourself to vomitThis won’t work out well for you, unless you do so immediately after drinking a shot. When the alcohol has been absorbed in the body, that is when you are feeling drunk already, it’s too late. Forcing yourself to vomit at this point will only cause your body to be more dehydrated. However, if you feel the urge to vomit suddenly, do not resist because your body is trying to eliminate the alcohol. Ask a friend to stay by your side if you feel like vomiting so that they can ensure you do not fall down or hurt yourself because of dizziness.

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