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What to Eat Before Drinking?

What to eat before drinking?

It is a known fact that drinking while on an empty stomach ends up, resulting in waking up with a bad hangover. If that is not all, it is not all about filling your stomach, but what you eat before drinking. Hangovers typically occur after you drink a larger amount of alcohol than what your body can handle. Before setting out for a night of partying and drinking, what you consume hours or minutes before drinking will have a significant bearing on how the alcohol will impact your body. The following article will highlight what to eat before drinking to avoid getting a Florida hangover. The foods will give you a good chance of enjoying your time out with loved ones and wake up with no hangover or headache in the morning.

What Foods Should You Eat Before Drinking Alcohol?What to Eat Before Drinking?

Some doctors and dieticians believe that there are foods that reduce the risk of having a hangover after drinking. These foods are supported by science and increase the body’s ability to manage alcohol intake. The following list consists of foods you can eat before drinking and venturing out to a night of partying. They include:

  • Salmon

If you can find salmon before you start drinking, it could help prevent the unwanted symptoms that come after a night of heavy partying. Alcohol or beer depletes vitamin B-12 levels in the body. With salmon, the body will be provided with these critical nutrients, and you can, therefore, recover quickly after heavy drinking. The fish also contains the crucial omega 3s that are diminished after heavy consumption of alcohol.

  • Chicken

It is essential to increase your protein intake before drinking. Chicken is a crucial source of healthy animal protein. It takes longer to digest, slowing the rate of blood alcohol level. You can, therefore, take more alcohol for a longer time during the night than others can. This will help to metabolize the alcohol and reduce the impact the alcohol will have on your body.

  • Avocado

Avocados are loaded with healthy fats that are slower to digest than general carbs. The important thing is to have digestion-resistant food in your stomach that will go a long way in helping your body metabolize the alcohol.


What to Do if You Wake Up With a Hangover?What to Eat Before Drinking?

If you have been involved in a drinking spree and suffer from a hangover, Hangover Hospital in Key West, Florida, offers quick hangover relief. The hospital has experienced staff and the required resources to help you recover from your hangover symptoms. The hospital has a 45-minute IV hangover treatment that helps you fully recover from your hangover symptoms.

The approach used to cure your hangover includes:

  • A hydrating saline solution.
  • Meyers cocktail.
  • B12 shot.
  • A dose of vitamin C.
  • B vitamins mainly B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6.

The doctors at the center have the experience of dealing with hangover symptoms. The advice they give their patients at the hospital includes the management of hangovers. It consists of the food you eat before you even open your first bottle. With medical knowledge, they understand that some foods can help prevent or reduce the chances of developing a hangover after a night out. Therefore, they recommend certain foods before you start a night of heavy drinking.What to Eat Before Drinking?

Contact the Hangover Hospital in Key West, Florida, and get instant relief from hangovers. What you need to remember is that hangovers can be managed even before you start drinking. Check what you eat before you start drinking to reduce the hangover effects.


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