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Which Brand Of Vodka Is Less Likely To Give You A Hangover?

By April 13, 2021Hangover Facts
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People enjoy having drinks during special occasions all year round. These same people may wake up tired, nauseous, and with one of the worst headaches they have ever experienced. These unpleasant sensations are the sign of a hangover, and fortunately, choosing a different brand of vodka can help decrease hangover symptoms the following day or eliminate a hangover altogether.

If drinking dark vodka left you with an unpleasant hangover, the Hangover Hospital Key West in Florida has an effective remedy. Our 45-minute, IV hangover relief treatment will eliminate hangover symptoms and get you back on your feet. 

What Causes A Hangover?

After consuming alcohol, it remains in the bloodstream until the liver can break it down. From there, it takes several minutes for it to reach the brain. The liver metabolizes the congeners — like methanol — into formaldehyde, a highly toxic chemical, which is responsible for hangover symptoms.

Light-Colored Liquors

Ethanol is the primary active ingredient in alcohol, but alcohol also contains toxic chemicals, referred to as congeners, such as acetone, methanol, and isopentenyl. Congeners are toxic chemical by-products found in alcohol in small amounts and are the result of the fermentation process. Different alcoholic beverages have varying amounts. 

Studies reveal that using liquors with a high amount of congeners could escalate the severity and frequency of hangover symptoms as well as slow the metabolism of alcohol in the bloodstream, which can prolong symptoms. Methanol, which is one of the most common congeners, is mainly to blame when you are experiencing a headache. Mostly clear liquors are low in congeners and include:

  •       Vodka
  •       Gin
  •       Rum

Clear drinks typically have a lower amount of congeners because of the fermentation and distillation processes. Vodka has little-to-no congeners, however, some vodkas can contain congeners and may have been distilled using the distillate’s middle and tail.

Dark-Colored Liquors

Any dark drinks that are artificially colored contain more congeners and can lead to a more severe hangover symptoms later in the day. Typically, stronger alcohols — like whiskey, tequila, cognac, and bourbon — have the highest congener levels. You should tread lightly when consuming these liquors as hangover symptoms can be more severe and happen more frequently. 

Light-colored vodka is an ideal choice for consumption because it tends to have fewer congeners than dark-colored liquors, such as tequila or scotch. Like other alcoholic drinks, more expensive brands tend to have fewer impurities and are less likely to cause hangover symptoms. 

Top-tier vodka brands tend to be distilled several times, including:

  •       Grey Goose
  •       Belvedere
  •       Absolut
  •       Armadale
  •       Stolichnaya
  •       Ketel One

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Even with a high-quality, light-colored liquor, hangover symptoms can hit anyone at any time. If you are experiencing a severe hangover, schedule an appointment with Hangover Hospital Key West for a quick and effective cure. 

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