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Which Is the Best Alcohol for Acid Reflux?

By October 25, 2021Drinking Facts

Acid reflux can be a total nightmare when you fail to address it well. Even more disheartening is that you need to avoid some drinks and foods when battling GERD and acid reflux. You may find yourself not getting close to recreational beverages such as alcohol and wine as they trigger the reflux.

Despite causing the reflux, alcohol often causes hangovers the following day. It can leave you worried, especially when you want to go to work or school. Consider visiting Hangover Hospital Key West, Florida, as they offer immediate assistance for hangovers. Through proper rehydration of the body and the introduction of vitamins into your bloodstream, you’ll efficiently deal with the problem in less than an hour.

Here, we’ll look at the best alcohols for anyone battling acid reflux.

Drinks to Avoid

Before coming to the specific alcoholic beverages to settle for, let’s look at the ones to put in the no-go-zone. Most of this will trigger the acid reflux more as they increase the acidity level in the stomach.

  • One of them is beer. This recreational drink is easy to order, but the truth is, it highly increases acidity. Besides, it’s usually carbonated, which adds to its acidity properties, making it more unfit.
  • Secondly, we have wine. What makes wine unfit for anyone suffering from acid reflux is that it contains a lot of sugar and yeast. Even though some people are hardly affected by yeast, the consumption will, in the long run, bring about more acidity in the stomach.
  • Thirdly, liqueurs are vital triggers of acid reflux. This is because the solution is full of sugar and acidic. You may seldom order it on its own, but you’ll find it being part of your cocktail.

Best Alcohol for Acid Reflux

Since you know what not to order, it’s the right time to understand what works in your favor. There are quite several options on the recreational drinks to settle for. The first one is Gin. It’s among the less acidic beverages. Commonly, they contain no sugar, which makes them a safer bet for anyone fighting acidity. Its flavor can make you think otherwise, but the truth of the matter is that it’s sugar-free.

Secondly, go for the non-grain vodkas. There are a plethora of options when it comes to vodkas. Some are made from gains while others fruits. It’s important to know which one to order. Consider going for the ones made from grapes, for instance, Ciroc. If you can’t find the fruit-made vodka, there are worthy vegetable-made ones. A good example is the Glen and which manufacturers make it from sweet beets.

Tequila is another worthy option. Just like Gin, this drink may be full of flavor but free from sugar. On the other hand, it exhibits low acidic properties hence a perfect fit. Mezcal is another drink that has a smoky taste but is equally as good as tequila for you who are fighting acid reflux.

Conditions such as GERD and acid reflux often limit you to the drinks and foods you can take. The thing is, there are some alcoholic drinks which you may continue enjoying as they hardly increase the acidity in the stomach. Some of these include tequila and non-grain vodkas.

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