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Yoga for Hangover

We all know the feeling that everything you poured the previous evening has gone to your head. It always feels like you lost your head and woke up with two. Everyone will agree that hangover ranks up there with a toothache and a nasty stomach bug, the aching in your skulls ebbs that flows like an icy tide, yet the pain never goes away. Depending on the type of poison you took and how much of it you downed, there will be some devastating consequences to pay, ranging from pounding in your head, vomit taste in your mouth, to a dehydrated feeling. If you have been to Florida, you have probably heard of Florida hangover specialists who employ several techniques to help their clients nurse hangover, including non-invasive techniques such as Yoga for a hangover. This blog explores the concept of using Yoga to cure a hangover.

Yoga for HangoverUsing Yoga to Cure a Hangover

There is a consensus among physicians that yoga poses can help you transition from nauseous, head-pounding oblivion, to a calming and tranquil clarity. Yoga is a group of mental and spiritual practices consisting primarily of asanas or postures often connected with flowing sequences, ending in meditation or relaxation lying down.

Yoga is especially thought to be beneficial for managing hangovers as it is noted to improve blood circulation, release toxins, help with digestion, and relieve tension from head to toe. In addition, Yoga gets the blood moving to ensure that every part of your body is oxygenated and hence rejuvenated.  Here are some popular yoga poses to manage your hangover:

  • Corpse Pose

You probably had no idea that lying around like a corpse could help you nurse a hangover. The corpse pose, also referred to as Savasana, could help improve your memory, reduce headaches, reduce tension, and lower your blood pressure. Lie flat on the floor, support your head with a pillow, and extend your arms. Allow your body to relax and “melt” into your yoga mat; let your body feel all the points of contact with your yoga mat then take a deep breath to help you relax.

Yoga for Hangover

  • Supine Twist

If you were drinking while “Shaking Whatcha’ Mama Gave Ya” use this pose to relieve and recuperate your lower back. The supine twist similarly helps rinse the toxins and help improve your digestion. To perform this pose, bend one knee, pull it into your chest, and then draw it across your body using the opposite hand. Place the other hand to your side and look at that hand while ensuring that your shoulders are flat, then take a deep breath allowing the stretch to extend with each exhalation. Repeat the pose on the other side.

  • Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose

If you had beer bloat, this semi-inverted pose will help remedy cramps, ease bellyaches, alleviate anxiety, and migraine tension. To perform the legs-Up-the-Wall pose, create support with folded blankets or with pillows and place it about five or six inches away from the wall. If you are left-handed, sit on your left end of the pillows with your left side against the wall (the same applies to right-handed people). Take a deep breath and walk your legs up the wall until they are straight. Close your eyes, and take a deep breath to relax your torso.

  • Child’s PoseYoga for Hangover

If your head feels like there is a balloon inside expanding and contracting randomly, a child’s pose is your best bet. It calms, soothes, and centers your brain, thus helping relieve anxiety and pain. Similarly, it helps balance the endocrine system as well as the nervous system. Place a pillow on the floor, sit back, rest your butt on your heels and fold over your legs. Reach your arms in front of you, and sink your head into the pillow, then hold and breathe.

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